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Character & Ability Rules

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Character & Ability Rules

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:16 am

There are power limits on each character to insure that you don't start off the character God-like. You must work for the powers, you can't receive them instantly unless the tier rule takes effect as it supersedes this one.

If your ability involves some sort of element, it will be that element, no excuses. For example, if you have a fire ability, you can't say your fire can't be put out by water that's worse than god-mod and it's frankly quite annoying to deal with. If your ability deals with blood, it is blood and will be treated as if it were blood. Blood can be frozen as it is a liquid.

Abilities will be graded more strictly here as to keep from god-modding. As such, if a staff member asks you to mod your ability, do not argue with them and tell them no. Fix what needs to be fixed. There are no exceptions. If you argue with the staff member about a change on your ability, they reserve the right to completely deny the app.

Your abilities need to be explained in depth. The sooner the better. If your ability says "controls water" you will not get that through. If your abilities don't have enough detail to keep any type of loophole with the ability because we've had past experiences with this.

For poison abilities, nothing that causes instant death or death after so many turns. No poisons that make the opponent paralyzed. However, blurred vision, loss of stamina and severe headaches and minor side-effects like that are acceptable. Though that doesn't mean we will approve it. On a second note. Any form of poison. ANY. Must be able to be fought off by a type of healing.

ALL FORMS OF TIME MANIPULATION ARE INSTANTLY DENIED with a very very few exceptions. This rule is NON negotiable.

Portal, redirecting, and barrier abilities are allowed, however they must have the proper repercussions to being used, and is up to Staff discretion if the power has the proper limitations. Event powers are purely case by case, they can be overpowered, but not Godmod. And as event powers are, they can ONLY BE USED IN EVENTS.

Psychological attacks, such as illusions and the like, are allowed but cannot be overpowering, meaning that they have a grace period of some kind, along with needed limitations.

NO ABILITY that works regardless of another ability will be accepted or approved, if it somehow slips through and is found out it will be removed. A REGARDLESS OF OTHER ABILITY is not the same as a resistance, but rather an ability that can work no matter what, despite all circumstances. Such as a poison working against someone immune to poisons (though someone being immune to poisons wouldn't be accepted anyway, dependent on what they are, this is just an example). Things such as that are not allowed in the slightest.

Final moves are allowed, however a character may only have one final move. Note: a final move is a one use move of great power, that will disable your character in some way if used, the benefit is if it hits it generally knocks out your opponent, unless they are much more powerful than you. Final moves are not auto hit, so use with caution.

There are a few rules when battling. Please read these thoroughly to help you better understand how to fight.

Just like a normal RP, you must takes turns in a battle. When it is your turn and someone is attacking you, that next turn you have the option to dodge it or block it. But please don't think this limits you to just one move per turn. Since this is text based, no stats or die or anything like that, you can go ahead and post what you want to do after you've dodged or whatever. PLEASE NOTE! No character is perfect and they will eventually get hit, so please do not block every attack at you.

There are rules to what your abilities can be such as, no energy draining, no one-hit KO's and so forth. These are all forms of cheating, and no one here likes to be cheated against, so don't do it. If you have one of these as a special, your application will not be approved

Of course, a battle can't go on forever. So, this is where you must know when your character has reached their limits. It does not matter whether you win or lose, you will NOT lose your character if you lose. But if a problem arises to where the battle goes on for months, a staff member will go through and read the rp, and judge who the winner will be based on their rping skills. But please do not make it come to that.

Your character CAN die. If your character dies, then he/she cannot participate in the event anymore and will be reborn at the end of the event. The death of a character will be deemed by staff members.

Your only allowed to be in ONE event thread PER CHARACTER! You can be in as many non-event threads as you want, and you can be in an event thread and a couple other non event threads. You can also be in multiple events with different characters. The only restriction is ! Event thread Per Character. After a character has exited an event thread, they can join a new one.
All event posts must have the "[Event]" tag in it's name. For example: "The Gate Opens [Event]". That way people are familiar with where events are taking place. Or, you can now place 'Event' in the post description located under the topic line.

In a battle where the opponents are evenly matched or even in a battle where one person is overwhelmed by many. There comes a point and time where you must admit your character has reached the limit of their power and enters Fatigued state. Fatigue state lasts for at least 3 posts minimum unless otherwise stated my an admin or a mod that it will last longer or shorter as the case warrants.

To make this fair to everyone. Fatigue state is when your character is tired beaten up and/or overusing his powers. You can still fight as normally however all attacks made by a character in Fatigue state will be reduced to 50% of its normal power & speed as well.

If there are any further questions, please ask me, and I will answer them, and then modify it into the rules.


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